Nov 16, 2009

Thanks to Keely's quick thinking and emergency trip to the vet this am--this little guy is going to live. He would have died at the shelter for sure. When Keely picked him up--he was very lethargic and feverish. He is loaded with round worms and has giardia and a little bit of ringworm. Dr. Libby put a full bag of fluids into him to rehydrate him and so far the meds to combat the intestinal issues are working.

Keely can fill us in more--but he is only 21 lbs and is nearly 5-6 months old. He is doing pretty good tonight. He is a skinny boy. I was supposed to drive him to Illinois today, but was not comfortable doing so after seeing his condition. He was emaciated, lethargic, pale gums, fever, and severely dehydrated. After Dr. Libby took care of him I brought him home and gave him a good bath. He was so happy to be clean:) He is scared of stairs and is exploring. Everything is new to him. Our Pee Wee has been playing with him and and appears to be watching over him. He does not like going into the crate(I would not either if I had been in one all my life), but is calm and rest while in there. He is enjoying the heater and being loved on:) He will make someone a wonderful companion!!